Eliot Fisk plays Vivaldi Concerti
with Orchestra of St. Luke's


Produced and Engineered by Max Wilcox
Digital Engineer: Nelson Wong
Cover Photo by Lauren Piperno
Design by Kristen Stephen

Recorded at the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, NYC on July 27 & August 4, 1992

ELIOT FISK, guitar
ALBERT FULLER, harpsichord
LOUISE SCHULMAN, viola d'amore

Publication and Copy right:
1993, MusicMasters, Inc.
1710 Highway 35, Ocean, NJ 07712

Made in USA
Distributed in the USA by BMG Music

1-3. Concerto in C Major for Mandolin and Strings, RV. 425 [F.V.1]

4-6. Sonata in G Minor, RV. 42

7-9. Concerto in D Major for Lute, RV. 93

10-12. Concerto in D Major for Keyboard (arr. J.S. Bach, BWV.972)

13-15. Concerto in G Major for Two Mandolins and Strings, RV, 532 [F.V.2]

16-18. Concerto in D Major for Viola d'Amore and Lute, RV. 540 [F.XII.38]

19-21. Trio Sonata in C Major, RV. 82

Discography (CD)

# 01612-67008-2 'Guitar Fantasies' Works by Mozart, Couperin, Sor, Poulenc, Weiss, etc.
# 01612-67038-2 'Mountain Songs' By Robert Beaser and A Cycle of American Folk Music.
# 01612-67079-2 'Bell' Italia' Four Centuries of Italian Music - Giuliani 'Le Rossiniane', etc.
# 01612-67092-2 'Paganini 24 Caprices' "Has to be heard to be believed." - Ruggiero Ricci.
# 01612-67097-2 'Vivaldi Concerti' With Fredric Hand(guitar), Orchestra of St. Luke's, etc.
# 01612-67127-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Latin American Guitar - Mangore, Lauro, Ponce, etc.
# 01612-67128-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Scarlatti, Bach(BWV 996, 998), J.Jakob Froberger, etc.
# 01612-67130-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Baroque Guitar - Scarlatti Sonatas, Bach 'Ciaccona', etc.
# 01612-67133-2 'ROCHBERG Caprice' Caprice Variations by George Rochberg. (Arr. by Eliot Fisk)
# 01612-67150-2 'Sequenza!' Luciano Berio, Paganini, Mendelssohn, Scarlatti, etc.
# 01612-67151-2 'The Best of Eliot Fisk' A Compilation of his favorite selections.
# 01612-67174-2 'Segovia' A Tribute to Andres Segovia. - 'Canciones Populares', etc.
# 01612-67182-2 'J.S.Bach' Trio Sonatas The 6 Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530 (arr. by Fisk-Fuller)
# 01612-67193-2 'Canciones Latinas' Latin American songs with Paula Robison(flute)

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