Guitar Virtuoso Eliot Fisk Photo Gallery

A special performance on July 9, 1997 at the invitation of the Royal Family of Spain at the Palace of Cordoba.

Photo by "DALDA", Madrid.

Photo by "DALDA", Madrid.

From his recording(CD), 'Sequenza!' - MusicMasters.

Photo by Bonnie West.

Discography (CD)

# 01612-67008-2 'Guitar Fantasies' Works by Mozart, Couperin, Sor, Poulenc, Weiss, etc.
# 01612-67038-2 'Mountain Songs' By Robert Beaser and A Cycle of American Folk Music.
# 01612-67079-2 'Bell' Italia' Four Centuries of Italian Music - Giuliani 'Le Rossiniane', etc.
# 01612-67092-2 'Paganini 24 Caprices' "Has to be heard to be believed." - Ruggiero Ricci.
# 01612-67097-2 'Vivaldi Concerti' With Fredric Hand(guitar), Orchestra of St. Luke's, etc.
# 01612-67127-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Latin American Guitar - Mangore, Lauro, Ponce, etc.
# 01612-67128-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Scarlatti, Bach(BWV 996, 998), J.Jakob Froberger, etc.
# 01612-67130-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Baroque Guitar - Scarlatti Sonatas, Bach 'Ciaccona', etc.
# 01612-67133-2 'ROCHBERG Caprice' Caprice Variations by George Rochberg. (Arr. by Eliot Fisk)
# 01612-67150-2 'Sequenza!' Luciano Berio, Paganini, Mendelssohn, Scarlatti, etc.
# 01612-67151-2 'The Best of Eliot Fisk' A Compilation of his favorite selections.
# 01612-67174-2 'Segovia' A Tribute to Andres Segovia. - 'Canciones Populares', etc.
# 01612-67182-2 'J.S.Bach' Trio Sonatas The 6 Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530 (arr. by Fisk-Fuller)
# 01612-67193-2 'Canciones Latinas' Latin American songs with Paula Robison(flute)

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