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With my lovely wife,'Youngjin Choi.' and my pretty daughter,'Yewon Lee.' in 1996.

It's a version 1999 of the above picture with my cute second daughter 'Yesol Lee.' !!!

Playing flamenco music 'Bulerias' on Korean Guitar Festival at ACRIS hall(Seoul), 1995.
I'm a first generation of Kyungdong high school and Sejong University guitar ensemble.

My first daughter,'Yewon Lee.' already started to play the guitar since 1996 when she was 3 years old and guess her present playing! (You may refer to her medium finger of the right hand~.)

My second daughter,'Yesol Lee.' at 'Centro Cultural de America Latina y Museo', April, 1998.

'Yewon' and 'Yesol' at the garden of 'Centro Cultural de America Latina y Museo', Koyang-si, Korea.

It's a version 1999 of the above picture~

'Alive music dictionary' - one of my friends, 'Yonghwan Jang.' with 'Yesol' at my home.

'Yesol' at a playground near my home.

'Yewon' wants to be a professional golfer, 'Seri Park'? - At 'PIC' in Saipan Island, August 1999.

'Yesol' wants to be a poetess?

With German luthier Mr. Mario Gropp at International Musik Fair, Frankfurt Musikmesse '96.

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