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"One of the most brilliant, intelligent and gifted young musical artists of our time."
- Andres Segovia -

A born risk-taker and restless, widly imaginative virtuoso, Eliot Fisk has brought an entirely new dimension to classical guitar performance. He has also created a large body of guitar music through commissions of contemporary composers as well as his own transcriptions of works by Bach, D. Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Granados, Albeniz and others. A highly visible recitalist and soloist with orchestras, he performs frequently in various chamber music combinations as well. In addition to his long-time partner, flutist Paula Robison, he has recently collaborated with jazz guitarist Joe Pass, flamenco guitarist Paco Pena, master of castanets Lucero Tena, Turkish music specialist Burhan Ocal, and the Shanghai String Quartet.

Among Mr. Fisk's achievements in the area of new music was his landmark premiere of Luciano Berio's "Sequenza XI" for solo guitar. Its success led to a further commission by Dennis Russell Davies and the Orchestra der Beethovenhalle Bonn from Mr. Berio to create a concerto version, "Chemin," which was premiered in the fall of 1992. Other works written for Mr. Fisk include George Rochberg's "Muse of Fire," commissioned by Carnegie Hall and performed by Mr. Fisk and Paula Robison during the hall's centennial season; Robert Beaser's "Mountain Songs" (also for Mr. Fisk-Robison duo and available on a MusicMasters disc) which was nominated for a 1987 Grammy Award; and solo guitar works by Mr. Beaser, Mr. Rochberg and Nicholas Maw. At the recommendation of Andres Segovia, Fisk worked with Spanish composer Ernesto Halffter to revive that composer's Concierto for guitar and orchestra for a performance at the Teatro Nacional in Madrid.

A native of Philadelphia, Eliot Fisk earned his M.M.A. degree from Yale University, where he studied with harpsichordist Ralph Kirkpatrick. Immediately after graduation, he was asked to found the Guitar Department at the Yale School of Music. In 1974 he was introduced to his idol, Andres Segovia, who coached him privately for several years. In 1981 Segovia wrote, "I consider Eliot Fisk one of the most brilliant, intelligent and gifted young musical artists of our time, not only among guitarists but in all the general field of instrumentalists. His clear and flexible technique, his noble style of interpreting the beauty of classic music of today, put him at the top line of our artistic world."

Mr. Fisk's numerous recordings have received exceptional acclaim. His 1992 MusicMasters release of Paganini's 24 Caprices, in his own transcription for guitar, climbed to 14th place on the Billboard classical charts, and elicited praise from critics and colleagues around the country: "Has to be heard to be believed!" (Ruggiero Ricci); "This recording will dazzle violinists and daunt guitarists," (Time Magazine); "[Fisk] emulates the most intrepid gymnasts of the violin fingerboard with a technical authority that is nothing short of amazing." (Strad). His transcriptions and recording of George Rochberg's Caprice Variations, (MusicMasters, 1994) 51 variations on the 24th Caprice of Paganini, was welcomed by the composer as a "recomposition." In his notes accompanying Fisk's recording (MusicMasters 1994) the composer wrote: "Besides producing an believable extension of guitar technique, [Fisk] has at the same time explored and utilized every conceivable expressive possibility of the instrument. No composer I can think of could have imagined these possibilities. One would have to be a guitarist/artist of Fisk's caliber to be able to imagine what he, in fact, did." In Europe, Mr. Fisk has recorded four solo recitals for EMI, two of which have received "Record of the Month" and "Top Ten" ratings in Germany and Holland respectively. Among his 1994 releases are a sampler titled The Best of Eliot Fisk, and Sequenza!, a disc structured around music by Luciano Berio.

In addition to his performing career, Eliot Fisk has a deep commitment to teaching. He is Professor of Guitar at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria, where is class includes talented young guitarists from dozen different countries. Mr. Fisk also conducts numerous master classes - 1st (Granada, 1998) : 2nd(Granada, 1999) : 3rd (Granada, 2000) and residencies throughout the world. His transcriptions are published by Ricordi and Guitar Solo Publications (San Francisco); his twentieth-century repertoire includes music by Beaser, Bolcom, Britten, Carter, Henze, Petrassi, Rorem, Takemitsu and Tippett, among others.

In Asia 1998, He had several recitals in Japan (September 24-30th) and Hong Kong (October 4th).

Discography (CD)

# 01612-67008-2 'Guitar Fantasies' Works by Mozart, Couperin, Sor, Poulenc, Weiss, etc.
# 01612-67038-2 'Mountain Songs' By Robert Beaser and A Cycle of American Folk Music.
# 01612-67079-2 'Bell' Italia' Four Centuries of Italian Music - Giuliani 'Le Rossiniane', etc.
# 01612-67092-2 'Paganini 24 Caprices' "Has to be heard to be believed." - Ruggiero Ricci.
# 01612-67097-2 'Vivaldi Concerti' With Fredric Hand(guitar), Orchestra of St. Luke's, etc.
# 01612-67127-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Latin American Guitar - Mangore, Lauro, Ponce, etc.
# 01612-67128-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Scarlatti, Bach(BWV 996, 998), J.Jakob Froberger, etc.
# 01612-67130-2 'Guitar Virtuoso' Baroque Guitar - Scarlatti Sonatas, Bach 'Ciaccona', etc.
# 01612-67133-2 'ROCHBERG Caprice' Caprice Variations by George Rochberg. (Arr. by Eliot Fisk)
# 01612-67150-2 'Sequenza!' Luciano Berio, Paganini, Mendelssohn, Scarlatti, etc.
# 01612-67151-2 'The Best of Eliot Fisk' A Compilation of his favorite selections.
# 01612-67174-2 'Segovia' A Tribute to Andres Segovia. - 'Canciones Populares', etc.
# 01612-67182-2 'J.S.Bach' Trio Sonatas The 6 Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530 (arr. by Fisk-Fuller)
# 01612-67193-2 'Canciones Latinas' Latin American songs with Paula Robison(flute)

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