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The Primer Curso de Guitarra "Homenaje a Andres Segovia"

University of Granada, Spain ; April 6 -12, 1998

Dear Friend,

For years, I have dreamed of establishing a course in Granada,fabled city of the Moorish kings in the magical Spanish province of Andalucia. Now thanks to the generous collaboration of the Universidad de Granada this dream becomes reality in the form of the Primer Curso de Guitarra "Homenaje a Andres Segovia".

This is not another guitar course - it is the guitar course + ruta cultural!!! During the course we will explore 5 centuries of guitar music in the very place where so much of it was created. In addition to our classes in which I expect to be assisted by my beloved colleague, Cuban virtuoso Joaquin Clerch. We will be able to visit the many incredible sights that Granada has to offer year round while enjoying the unforgettable processions that happen once a year during Eastern time, the so called semana santa.

Places we visit during the course will include: the Alhambra and Generalife, the Palacio de Carlos V, the Palacios de los Cordova, the legendary barrios of the Albaizin and Sacromonte, the house of Manuel de Falla, the Huerta de San Vincente where the great poet Garcia Lorca was born a hundred years ago this year, the Centro Artistico where the Andres Segovia gave his first formal recital, the Angel Barrios Museum, and the Universidad de Granada itself, which in addition to its magnificient collection is also an architectural marvel. In short there is so much here that mere words will not do justice to it all. In class we will be synthesizing our work with an absolutely unique setting, an experience which we will be able to treasure for a lifetime. This is truly the way I have always dreamed of teaching!

Eliot Fisk. - Granada, March 1998


University of Granada

"Homenaje a Andres Segovia"


The course will last from April 6 (arrival day) to April 12 (departure day) 1998. Class will be for approximately four hours (two sessions of two hours) per day. Special visits to cultural marvels of the city of Granada will be integrated into the course usually at no additional cost to course participants.

Course level:

The course is open to guitarists of all levels on a first-come-first-serve basis. Repertoire selection is completely free although Spanish repertoire of all centuries would clearly be welcomed. Chamber music is also welcomed, and guitarists who wish to register with a chamber music partner (flute, violin, voice etc.) are also more than welcome to do so. In this case the partner will receive instruction as well and should pay the course fee as if he or she were a participating guitarist. One final word about repertoire: don't forget that this year marks the 460th anniversary of the publication of the Seys Libros del Delphin de Musica by Luys de Navaez, who was also from Granada!

Student concerts:

Our course will conclude on Saturday morning, April 11, with a formal public concert of the most talented students. It is very likely that this concert will be broadcast live by various television and radio stations. It is likely that other opportunities for students to perform in and around Granada will present themselves.

Course Fees:

The fee for the course is 30.000 Ptas.(Spanish Pesetas) A downpayment of 10.000 Ptas. is required to reserve a place in the course.

Payment of course fees:

The downpayment of 10.000 Ptas. to reserve a place in the course should be paid in advance to the account listed below. The remaining 20.000 Ptas. can be paid on April 6 after arrival in Granada.


A limited number of scholarships will be available with preference given to students traveling to Granada from outside of Spain.


Housing in Granada of the duration of the course is available in the unbelievable Carmen de la Victoria with one of the most stupendous views of the Alhambra in all of Granada.
The fee for the accomodations will be 43.000 Ptas. per person for a single room (limited availability!), 33.000 Ptas. per person for sharing a room with another student. All meals are include in this incredibly low price.

Payment of Accomodation fees:

Because the accomodations are administered by the University of Granada, students wishing to use the University accomodations must pay the entire accomodation fee (+the 10.000 Ptas. course payment!) before 27th. March. All fees can be paid by bank transfer to the following account;

Reyes Catolicos, 40
E-18009 Granada, Spain

Account Name: Curso "Andres Segovia"
Account Number: c.c.c. 0004/3494/85/0670014248


Granada is reachable directly by plane (usually via Madrid or Barcelona) and within Spain by train and bus. The large international airport of Malaga is one hour and half away by car or bus. Flights to Malaga are often somewhat cheaper.
Once in Granada students should register at;

Residencia Universitaria
"Carmen de la Victoria"
C./ Chapiz, s/n. Granada (Spain)

Further inquiries maybe addressed to:

Mr. Francisco Sanchez-Montes Gonzalez., director
Gabinete de Informacion y Comunicacion,
Universidad de Granada,
Hospital Real, Cuesta del Hospicio, s/n, 18071 Granada

Telef. 958-243003 ( International Call : +34 58 243003 / Fax : +34 58 243071 )



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